Peter Harwood
Indialantic Beach
Pete hand shapes each of his cedar boards with the same tooks and technics the original boards were done. Each board is made to scale of the origial boards of famous surfers of earlier years. Pete uses Western Red and Alaskan Yellow Cedars.  No stains are used as the natural colors show through protected clear finish.

Al Merrick replica
of "Black Beauty"
24 in. $250

Mike Hinson replica
of "Downrail"
32 in. $309

Phil Edwards replica
of "Triple Stringer"
32  in. $309

Pat Curren replica
of "Waimea Gun"
32 in. $

Dewey Webber replica
of "Performer"
32 in. $309

Pat Curren replica
of "Waimea Gun"
48 in. $460